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22K Antique Gold Necklace and Earrings With Tourmalines

3,44,842 Incl. Tax

18K Yellow Gold Necklace (36.100 Grams) set with Emeralds & Garnets

2,24,955 Incl. Tax

Emerald Bead Necklace (30.930 Gms) set in 22K Yellow Gold

2,38,569 Incl. Tax

Designer Black Spinel Ring In 18Kt Yellow Gold

12,245 Incl. Tax

Women Diamond Ring (0.05 Ct) with Synthetic Ruby 18Kt Gold

28,220 Incl. Tax

Diamond Earring With Synthetic Emerald In 18Kt Gold (3.290 Gram) With Diamonds (0.33 Ct)

51,169 Incl. Tax

Diamond Earring with synthetic emerald in 18Kt Gold (2.910 gram) with Diamonds (0.26 Ct)

42,349 Incl. Tax