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In Indian households, silver plates/silver thali serve beyond Pooja purposes, finding utility in gifting, dining, and diverse household tasks. At Mohan Jewellery, you can discover a range of exquisitely handcrafted silver pooja plates, perfect for adding elegance to your rituals. Whether you are looking for a compact silver plate for daily worship or a lavish silver thambulam plate for special occasions, our collection has something new for everyone.

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Handcrafted Silver Pooja Plate (200 Gms)

24,106 Incl. Tax

Silver Tambool & Pooja Plate (331gms)

39,895 Incl. Tax

Silver Tamboolam & Pooja Plate ( 114 Gms )

13,740 Incl. Tax

Silver Pooja Plate ( 262.500 Gms )

31,641 Incl. Tax

Silver Tambool Plate ( 267.500 Gms )

32,091 Incl. Tax

Silver Pooja & Tambool Plate ( 303 Gms )

36,521 Incl. Tax

Silver Pooja Plate ( 144 Gms )

17,357 Incl. Tax

Handcrafted Silver Pooja Plate (216 gms)

28,687 Incl. Tax

Handcrafted Silver Pooja Plate (317 Gms)

38,208 Incl. Tax

Traditional Silver Banana Leaf Plate ( 258 gms )

31,098 Incl. Tax

Silver Plates at Mohan Jewellery

At Mohan Jewellery, we understand the significance of silver plates in various cultural and ceremonial traditions. That's why we offer a diverse range of silver plate designs to suit every taste and occasion.

Silver Plate Types: The Best Silver Plate Designs from Mohan Jewellery 

Silver Plates for Pooja 

Elevate your religious rituals with our selection of silver plates for Pooja, specifically crafted for puja ceremonies. Our Pooja silver plates are more than just functional items, as they are crafted with the utmost reference and attention to detail. 

Whether you're performing daily rituals or celebrating special occasions, our silver plate serves as a symbol of purity and devotion. Choose from our exclusive collection of silver plate designs that reflect the richness of our cultural heritage. 

Silver Thambulam Plates /Tambool Plates 

Enhance the grace and sanctity of your traditional ceremonies and auspicious occasions with our collection of silver thambulam plates. Each silver plate model in our selection is crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring the highest quality so that you can be assured of its longevity. 

Whether it's a wedding or any special event, our silver thambulam plates (tambool plates) add a touch of tradition. These types of silver plate designs also make for exquisite gifts, representing not just material wealth but also bestowing blessings upon the recipient.

Silver Banana Leaf Plates/Thali 

Add a touch of cultural flair to your dining experience with our silver banana leaf plates, inspired by traditional Indian cuisine and craftsmanship. Our silver banana leaf plates are meticulously crafted by professionals using high-quality silver. 

Each silver plate undergoes a detailed process to ensure durability and authenticity, making them suitable for both casual gatherings and formal occasions. In addition, the lightweight and sturdy construction of our silver plates adds more credibility to our online collection. 

Why can Silver Plates be Considered Gifts?

Silver plates, also called silver thali, can be considered a valid gift for various reasons, including:

  • Cultural Tradition: Silver pooja plates are part of the cultural and religious practices in many communities, especially in south India.
  • Symbol of Blessings: The colour “silver” symbolises purity and prosperity, making silver plates a meaningful gift for couples and newborn babies and conveying good wishes.
  • Practical Use: Silver plates for Pooja are more multi-faceted; they are used to hold essential items like lamps during worship rituals.
  • Memorable Gift Item: Silver is durable, making pooja silver plates long-lasting silver gift items that can be passed down through generations.

How to Determine the Authenticity of Pure Silver Plates/Thali?

The authenticity of pure silver plates is best assured through purchases from reputable sellers. With a heritage dating back to 1890, Mohan Jewellery's four-generation expertise possesses a legacy of trustworthiness. Our artisans' meticulous craftsmanship on silver plates echoes our unwavering commitment to our product quality.

Buy the Best Silver Plates/Thali Online from Mohan Jewellery

Experience the convenience of shopping for high-quality pure silver plates for Pooja from the comfort of your home with Mohan Jewellery's online store. 

Our user-friendly website provides you with a seamless shopping experience, allowing you to browse our enticing collection of silver plates with ease. 

Browse through high-resolution images and detailed descriptions to find the perfect and best silver plate designs that match your preferences. 

On the other hand, we also prioritise the security of money transactions, offering a range of safe payment options to ensure a hassle-free shopping experience.

Explore Mohan Jewellery's diverse collection today, featuring Gold, Diamond, Silver, Platinum, and Gemstone Jewellery.

FAQs about Silver Plates for Pooja 

1. Why are Pooja silver plates prepared for religious ceremonies?

Silver plates for Pooja are usually preferred for religious ceremonies due to their auspiciousness and purity. Silver is believed to possess positive energy and is considered sacred in Hindu rituals.

2. Are there any specific rituals or guidelines for caring for silver Pooja plates?

To maintain the shine of silver pooja plates, it is advisable to clean them regularly using a soft cloth and silver polish. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they may cause damage to the silver surface.

3. What factors influence the silver plate price?

Silver plate costs depend on factors including weight, design intricacy, purity, brand reputation, antique value, additional embellishments, and customisation options. You can buy silver plates online at competitive prices at Mohan Jewellery.