Why Mohan Jewellery ?

Our History

Founded in 1890 by Shri Kota Munirathnam Chetty, Mohan Jewellery is continuing to serve its customers for four generations on all occasions with the same panache and expertise.

The baton had been successfully passed on to Kota Anandakrishna Chetty and then to his son Kota Mohanakrishna and now to Goutham Kota and Srinath Kota who have been carrying on their family legacy as one of the most trusted jewellers in Chennai.

Our Stamp of Trust

Registered with the Bureau of Indian Standards, our jewellery is 100% Hallmarked for quality. With a team of expert craftsmen, creating jewellery with exquisite craftsmanship is our USP.

Top Quality Stones

Our rigorous grading process ensures only the best of the stones like Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, etc find their way into our jewellery. Every Diamond in our jewellery is thoroughly evaluated to meet our stringent standards. Highest ethical standards guarantee using only the conflict-free diamonds sourced only from genuine suppliers.

Our USP – Customization

We have an ace up our sleeve – Customization. With our in-house workshop, we bring the dream designs of our customers to reality, thus giving them the satisfaction of uniqueness and individuality.